The Current Budget: April 2018

April budget time! 

I hope April is less spendy than March. It should be, although with our recent trip to the ER and a hospital stay for the Kiddo's appendectomy, I'm concerned that we may be hit with some pretty significant bills. But since I don't know when those will start rolling in, I'm not going to worry about them just yet.

Items of note in this month's budget:

(1) New comforter: I know what you're wondering, frugal friends: why the hell are you spending money on bedding when you're trying to pay down debt?

Fair question.

The answer: while we were in the hospital with our son and thus not paying attention to her royal highness, the cat got upset and, in classic feline fashion, hopped onto our bed and peed all over our blankets. It was bad. She must have been saving it up because the result was a pungent stain the size of a small pond. By the time we got home and discovered it, it had permeated most of the bedding and dried up. At least the mattress didn't get hit.

We found a new duvet and down alternative duvet insert on sale at Target for a total of $122, a good deal for king-sized bedding.

(2) Camping gear: We actually purchased this at the end of last month, literally the day before The Kiddo came down with appendicitis. Our rationale was that we're not going on a true vacation this summer, so instead, we'll go camping. Once again, we managed to find some good deals: we snagged a 6-person Marmot tent at a 65% discount (using a gift card to pay for part of it) and three 15-degree sleeping bags on sale at REI Garage. The total came out to $379.

Would we have purchased camping gear had we known about an impending surgery? Probably not, but as long as we make good use of these items, I won't feel bad about it.

(3) Urgent care*: There's an asterisk next to this one because although I just paid the bill, I should get reimbursed by my HSA.

(4) Energy costs: The $200 we've allocated is probably way too high, but I wanted to play it safe because I don't have a clear idea of energy costs associated with our new place. It's certainly larger than our last apartment. We're making an effort to turn off lights when not in use, limit laundry to once a week, and keep the temperature between 65 and 67 degrees.

(5) Cat expenses: The cat is due for her annual checkup and shots. I hope I'm over-budgeting on this one, too.

(6) The Kiddo's birthday: We're taking him camping for his big day; other than that, we'll probably order sushi and enjoy some homemade cake.

(7) Student loan and credit card payments: We've set aside $1600 for debt this month. $600 will go towards student loans, and $1000 will go towards the credit card.

April 2018 Budget:
  • Rent: $2100
  • Student loan and credit card payments: $1600 
  • Phone bill: $78
  • Internet: $65
  • Auto and renter's insurance: $73
  • Thousand Trails: $108
  • Utilities: $200
  • Groceries: $750
  • Gas in car: $50
  • Netflix: $13
  • Fortysomething classroom budget: $40 (money for classroom supplies)
  • Savings*: $150
  • Very Expensive Feline expenses: $125
  • Kiddo's birthday: $100
  • Bedding: $122
  • Camping gear: $379
  • Urgent care: $90
  • Other: $250
Total budget for April 2018: $6,293

*Not including money that we put into HSA and retirement


  1. I love how you include composting and ACLU. When budgets are tailored to us and our passions and beliefs, my husband and I are more successful.

    1. Yes! As time goes on and we become more financially stable, I would like to incorporate a Monthly Giving line item into the budget.

  2. Congrats on paying off your car! You two are doing great. Are you going to celebrate your accomplishment?

    1. whoops. wrong post. LOL

    2. Well... we haven't really thought about that. But it's a good point! We SHOULD celebrate it!

  3. Note though that even in a ridiculously expensive month you are contributing over $1300 to debt repayment and savings. That's awesome, and more than many people do in a good month. Hope you get your money's worth from the new place.

    1. Thanks for this! I really appreciate the reminder. We've come a long way in the last year, and although our approach has been far from perfect, we do need to pat ourselves on the back for the progress we've made.


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