The Current Budget: February 2018

Our budget changes somewhat each month depending on our specific needs. This month, our income is lower than usual because I'm still transitioning to my new job. Nevertheless, we expect to put a BIG chunk of money from a side hustle and our tax refund towards our credit card debt. (I'm not including the side hustle pay or the tax refund in the budget this time; it'll be considered "extra money.")

Our savings budget is low this month, but that's slightly misleading. What I'm not including here is the money that will be automatically deducted from our paychecks for our HSA (~$160/month) and retirement (~$200/month). So really, our savings is more in the $450 range, and that's not including employer matches.

February is going to be one of those lay-low-be-boring-get-it-done months. We don't have anything major planned in the way of trips or purchases. Our focus is on getting a big chunk of debt paid off in a short period of time. Stay tuned!

(Also, on a sad note, our compost service went out of business. I guess that's 10 extra dollars we can put towards giving!)

February 2018 BUDGET:
  • Student loan and credit card payments: $2200
  • Monthly rent: $1447
  • Phone bill: $78
  • Internet: $76
  • Auto and renter's insurance: $73
  • Thousand Trails: $108
  • Utilities: $80
  • Groceries: $750
  • Gas in car: $60
  • Very Expensive Feline expenses: $40
  • Netflix: $13
  • Giving: $50
  • Fortysomething classroom budget: $40 (money for classroom supplies)
  • Laundry: $40
  • Savings: $100
  • Other: $300
Total budget for January 2018: $5,415


  1. I love how you include composting and ACLU. When budgets are tailored to us and our passions and beliefs, my husband and I are more successful.

    1. Yes! As time goes on and we become more financially stable, I would like to incorporate a Monthly Giving line item into the budget.

  2. Congrats on paying off your car! You two are doing great. Are you going to celebrate your accomplishment?

    1. whoops. wrong post. LOL

    2. Well... we haven't really thought about that. But it's a good point! We SHOULD celebrate it!


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